Our Story

Franca and Nicola set out on their professional adventure by taking over a shop with an ancient tradition, established in 1929, when the naviglio still flowed through the streets of Milan and the roads were called “alzaie.” 

During its almost one hundred years of existence, the “Ditta Sala,” whose name is still displayed on the old iron shutter of the store, has constantly renewed itself: from a small business at the back of a courtyard in Brera, via Pontaccio, to become a reference florist for Milanese people during the economic boom, through the handover to Massimo Leidi, who moved the company’s headquarters to Piazza San Marco 8.

Nicola Lami

Nicola Lami

I want my customers, upon entering the store, to feel welcomed in an oasis of good living in harmony with nature."

Agricultural graduate, he expanded the meaning of the florist profession to a broader content of professionalism and expertise.

Franca Fantoni

Together with flowers, branches, and leaves, I use unconventional materials to tell a story. I observe and listen to people to understand their unique desires and create a personal narrative for those who entrust themselves to me.

A daughter of art and a creative soul from Lami Fiori, she is a lawyer by education and a florist by calling.

Franca Fantoni
Rino Reina

Rino Reina

Being in Milan and working here is a constant stimulus due to the variety of people I encounter every day. I love listening to our customers to guide them in their choices.

Our precious collaborator, with their decade-long experience in the floriculture sector, is a guarantee of excellent advice. Their availability and ability to interpret the needs of the most demanding customers attract the sympathy and esteem of every client.

Guglielmo Lami

The drive towards innovation is what makes me approach each day with enthusiasm.

The new generation brings curiosity, freshness, and creativity into an ancient tradition.

Guglielmo Lami

The staff

In 1993, Franca Fantoni and Nicola Lami take up the baton of this long history and renew its prestige with an innovative vision of the florist profession, transforming the store into the charming boutique it is today: a landmark in Milan, a testimonial of the Italian lifestyle appreciated all over the world.

lo staff Lami Fiori
staff Lami Fiori

Our Values

Taking care of details

Ensuring accurate and "tailor-made" service and products is our goal.


Tracking contemporary trends through an innovative vision of floral design is our commitment.


Amazement of those who entrust themselves to us is our desire.